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We offer a free nationwide collection service for all your plastic waste
For further details, call us free on:- 0800 6 19 18 17
  • Top rates paid.
  • You will never be charged.
  • Swift payment by the method preferable to you.
  • Free nationwide collection within days of your call, at a time convenient for you.
  • Friendly & reliable service.
  • Fully itemised receipt submitted following collection.



Polyethylene Terephalate Ethylene

PETE goes into soft drink, juice, water, detergent, and cleaner bottles. Also used for cooking and peanut butter jars.


High Density Polyethylene

High Density Polyethylene HDPE goes into milk and water jugs, bleach bottles, detergent and shampoo. Plastic bags and grocery sacks, motor oil bottles, household cleaners and butter tubs.


Polyvinyl Cloride

PVC goes into window cleaner, cooking oils, and detergent bottles. Also used for peanut butter jars and water jugs.


Low Density Polyethylene

LDPE goes into plastic bags and grocery sacks, dry cleaning bags and flexible film packaging. Also some bottles.



PP goes into caps, disks, syrup bottles, yogurt tubs, straws and film packaging.



PS goes into meat trays, egg cartons, plates, cutlery, carry-out containers and clear trays.