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CD and DVD Recycling Program

High Security and Sensitive Information

The first stage in recycling CDs and DVDs are granulation. The discs will never see a computer again. Our warehouse is protected by 3 locked gates at night with 24 hour CCTV surveillance. We offer same day granulation thus minimising the risks.

High Volume Disposal

We offer free collection for minimum quantities of half a ton. There are around 65000 CDs to the ton. We will collect 30000, free of charge. Collections usually take place 7-10 working days from your request.

Low Volume Disposal

Less than half a ton lots can be sent to our office, where they will be added to the recycling chain. We do not charge for this service. It is not necessary to inform us that you will be sending them, we receive multiple packages daily. Please ensure no signature is required upon delivery.

High Security Low Volume

If, however, you wish to send us a small amount of high security information discs, please call us before sending to inform us when to expect them.


We supply certificate of destruction and confirmation of the weights you have diverted from land fill to the recycling chain.

Our office address to send you CDs and DVDs:

Poly C Reclaimers
CD & DVD Recycling Program
47 Stanley Road
M7 4FR